Luxury living in downtown L.A.

Meet the Client

A mid-rise loft-style condominium space with luxury amenities, this property has a prime location, housed above commercial space in bustling downtown Los Angeles.

Literally underwater

The Challenge

When Reconstruction Experts first met the client in 2017, the property was quite literally underwater. Water was pouring to the residents’ homes, uncovering more issues with every discovery made, so a defect attorney was hired to represent them in a construction defect lawsuit.
In the winter of that year, the commercial space below the residential property, a popular, highly trafficked grocery store, was reporting multiple leaks coming from the ceiling and efforts to pinpoint the key issues ramped up. After inspection, it was identified that the pool piping, located directly above the grocery store, was faulty and leaking. The pool was immediately drained due to the engineers reporting that there could be a catastrophic loss with the pipes allowing thousands of tons of water to pour into the grocery store.

Get creative & minimize disruption

Help Arrives

Property HOA hired Reconstruction Experts to work in preconstruction to identify the repair for the incredibly complex issue with the pool, where our biggest concern was how to repair pipes, housed in the ceiling of the grocery store without causing serious business interruption. While the initial plan compiled by the hired engineer cost nearly $1 million and significant business disruption, RE understood the approach had to be reconsidered and reworked to not only fit within the community’s budget, but also minimize disruption to the grocery store. We worked with the engineer to come up with a solution that considered the impact on the commercial space,as well as reduce the cost.

Better than expected

Final Result

The final plan to repair the pool saved the HOA $500k from the original proposed plan, as well as eliminated the need to access the grocery store. Once that emergency work was complete, Reconstruction Experts broke the remaining work to fully restore the property into four further projects, with three currently underway and full project completion expected in early 2021, giving residents the ability to Love Your Place AgainTM.