Insurance Restoration

When you have suffered a loss, it is personal and RE knows that. To help you recover, we work directly with your insurance carrier so you are able to focus on emotional recovery, while we work on restoring the physical losses. Reconstruction Experts work quickly and efficiently, assessing all claims details, to minimize downtime and costs, immediately dispatching a crew for emergency services and start on our proven step-by-step process towards fixing the initial problem and any collateral damage, including remediation of mold and other environmental hazards. Whatever has caused the damage, we are here to help you overcome it and Love Your Place AgainTM.


Naples, Florida

This lakefront property took a direct hit from Category 4 Hurricane Irma and needed emergency roof repairs to help with leaks while the concerned community needed trusted support. RE completed thousands and thousands of tile replacements on the property, while conducting hundreds of homeowner conversations to ensure trust and clear communication throughout the project. The property has been fully restored and the community is excited to love their place again.