Apartment Reconstruction

Being in a shared environment is a balance of shared responsibility and personal space. At Reconstruction Experts, we understand the delicate nature of working in space occupied by not only our client, but also the community that surrounds them. We work hard to deliver best-in-class service with communication processes that benefit you and your neighbors. RE will make sure your reconstruction needs are met and exceeded, while managing the needs of your fellow residents, so you can all Love Your Place AgainTM.

Station at Riverfront

Denver, Colorado

• Roof repairs due to improper penetrations
• Full removal and replacement of stucco
• Replacement of damaged OSB
• Structural repairs consisting of sheer wall repairs
• Fenstration repairs consisting of full window removal and replacement of the windows with proper flashings
• Patio door removal and installation of pan flashings and proper waterproofing
• Installation of proper waterproofing system for building envelope
• Intrusive Testing
– Multiple phases of intrusive testing that included building envelope, interior drywall tests, baseboards and trim, ASTM.