A Hollywood Icon

Meet the Client.

As one of the most famous and fashionable properties in Hollywood, this residential property is an icon of Los Angeles architecture built in 1965, standing at 31 stories housing 146 luxury units.

Overwhelmed and crumbling

The Challenge

Following a construction project on the lobby and pool that had left the community and Board of Directors frustrated and fatigued, this famous building began to show signs of cracking and deterioration on the exterior façade, and required RE’s expertise. They needed help with the building itself and their trust in construction restored.

Planning is everything

Help Arrives

The property hired RE for preconstruction to identify the issues and work with manufacturers to specify a repair plan to address the issues plaguing the building. During preconstruction, we worked with management to show them the proper plan for the project to prevent the experience they had with the previous project. Building their confidence with RE’s expertise and a strict process
to serve our clients, work began to fix the problems while ensuring all residents experienced clear communications and updates.

White glove experience

Final Result

RE’s process ensured that we stayed within budget, managed quality, hit the schedule, and communicated effectively throughout the entire project. RE hosted 146 individual consults, taking each resident through the process and what to expect. Customer service and construction at its best and beyond.