A unique space in Austin, TX

Meet the Client

Marketed as a luxury work/live space in the highly coveted South Congress community of Austin, TX, this condominium complex boasts a total of 17 buildings and 83 units on-site.Original construction for the space was completed in 2006 with the final condo selling at auction in 2009.

Between a rock and a hard place

The Challenge

In 2010, the residents of the condominium complex, many of whom were first-time homeowners, discovered so many severe issues – including leaking roofs and windows –they had no choice but to file a lawsuit against the builder. Through the investigation process, it was discovered that the builder did not install the proper structural components to properly support the second story of the homes. The City of Austin inspected the issues and deemed this a serious life safety issue, needing to “yellow tag” the property, noting that only limited inhabitation was permitted.
Condo owners could not sell their homes due to the issues, with values plummeting, nor could they afford the structural repairs, estimated at $100-125k per unit. They were facing a life safety issue that they could not afford to repair, nor could they sell their homes. It was a worst-case scenario for any homeowner.
Needs on this project were outlined as extensive structural repairs, roof repair, window replacement & complete removal and replacement of the stucco.

Emergency work & building confidence

Help Arrives

Reconstruction Experts kicked-off this project by immediately addressing emergency needs, working with a structural engineer to install temporary shoring in each of the homes. This shoring was specifically designed and installed to provide the structural support to make the space livable while the case was in process.
Once the case was finalized and funds were received to repair the property, the HOA Board was extremely concerned that it was not enough to properly fix the issues. They felt their next steps were limited to convincing owners to sell their homes at a low price to a developer who would demolish the property and rebuild.
Reconstruction Experts were invited to present our solutions to the community, along with a presentation from the developer being considered for demolition. Tensions were high and the developer’s presentation left the community extremely upset. Our presentation took them through our experience in guiding HOA’s through the planning stage of their project and reassured them that our process in truly fixing their homes would work, noting that RE has restored communities in this exact position. We were ready to support and help them.
With emotions running high, the HOA Board voted to hire us for preconstruction and were able to start construction about two years ago.

Back to the good life

Final Result

Today, thanks to the trust of the community and the work of Reconstruction Experts, the “yellow tags” have been lifted, the property looks amazing, the residents are safe, the value of the homes has been restored, and the homeowners know it is possible to Love Your Place AgainTM.